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Host a screening in your community, your school or local cinema.

Host a screening of Forged from Fire

Forged from Fire is a unique and important film documenting the transformation that took place among a small team of artisans in the wake of the Black Saturday fires.

Our Screening Kit is a licence that allows individuals, community groups, institutions, businesses, health practitioners and not-for-profits to host your own screenings in any venue of your choice. When you purchase a Forged from Fire screening licence you receive (download or via post):

  • A screening copy of Forged from Fire
  • A Forged from Fire screening licence (charged according to number of anticipated attendees)
  • A trauma informed Screening Guide
  • Posters and other artwork to promote your screening event
  • A video of crowdsourced photographs of The Tree Project that may be used to open your screening event
  • Links to additional resources to suit your screening

Local screenings – what you might need

If you’re not a cinema and you’re wanting to host a screening here’s what you’ll need:

  • A suitable venue with seating and amenities
  • A screen
  • A relatively decent video projector
  • A decent sound system or PA
  • A copy of our film (delivered on USB stick or downloaded)
  • A laptop or other means to play our film on
  • A comments book… we love feedback!

We also recommend providing a community health worker who can support anyone wishing to share their own response to trauma. Consider hosting a facilitated Q&A or audience feedback session afterwards.

We will provide a package of resources to support communities to host screenings that are trauma-informed and sensitive to the possible exposure of audience members to the Black Saturday fires. This package will have been developed by the Swinburne University of Technology.


  • Single screening licence fee (per venue) $250 AUD (+GST).
  • Additional screenings (at the same venue) are available at $150 (+GST).

A Forged from Fire screening licence includes a trauma-informed screening guide to support communities to host screenings that are sensitive to the possible exposure of bush fires. 

Every Forged from Fire screening licence is a contribution made directly to the filmmakers and artists involved in the making of this film to cover their deferred production costs, ongoing community outreach and distribution.

The licence allows you to host a single screening of Forged from Fire in your local community. Additional screenings are AUD $150 each, or contact Andrew to discuss any specific requirements. Everything is negotiable.

Additional costs may include:

  • Postage and handling of DVDs, USB sticks and an introductory Screening Facilitators Guide
  • Filmmaker’s Speakers Fee – $345 (+ GST) & travel costs should the venue be in an Australian rural or regional location or interstate. Otherwise contact Andrew to discuss options. Everything is negotiable.

Material available for download includes:

  • Poster artwork
  • Screening Facilitators Guide
  • Media Kit
  • Artwork for use on websites and other media

Complete the booking form below and we’ll send you an invoice, a copy of the Screening Licence and any other information you require from us.

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